It’s no secret that the world loves coffee. In fact, it’s one of the most widely consumed drinks in the world on a regular basis. This makes considering a coffee fundraiser one of the best ideas. Whether you are looking for a school fundraiser, considering various coffee fundraising ideas, or are just considering fundraising, we have a great program for you.

Here are 3 reasons to consider doing a coffee fundraiser with K-cups:

  1. People love K-cups. It’s estimated that there are over $3 billion per year spent on K-cups in America. That amount is spent on purchasing over 8 billion K-cups. You would be offering people something they like and are ready to use. Since millions of people own the machines that take K-cups, including them in your coffee fundraising just makes sense. It will help to increase your sales.
  2. You can recycle them. Not only do the K-cups come in materials you can recycle, but we also offer a reusable Java 1-cup. So those you are offering them to for your fundraising will not have to worry about compiling waste. Let them know they can recycle the K-cups, too, as it’s a great benefit.
  3. The coffee is great! People love Java Joe’s Coffees, and our K-cups come in two of our most famous blends. They are available with Jamaican Me Crazy, which is an exotic blend of caramel, vanilla, and kahula flavors. It’s also available with Java Joe’s Blend, which is a medium bodied coffee blended from the finest Central and South American coffees.


Coffee fundraising has become popular around the country. Whether fundraising with church groups, school groups, preschools, or a wide variety of others looking to do some successful fundraising, this option works. America loves coffee, so it’s an easy sell that allows you to raise the funds you need. And offering K-cups just makes your coffee fundraising that much easier and more successful. Great tasting coffee is now available in K-cups for your fundraising needs. You can’t beat that!