Most schools turn to fundraisers these days in an effort to raise money. Whether they need it for the PTA or to help with music equipment, sports or something else, fundraisers can be a great way for schools to earn additional money they need. And most schools want to earn the most amount of money that they can from a fundraiser, which is understandable. Putting in the time and effort should yield great results. This is why Java Joe’s Coffee Fundraising has come up with a new program that helps schools make even more money from their fundraisers.

Many schools use fundraising techniques that merely involve giving out brochures and hoping they get sales from them. Java Joe’s Coffee Fundraising takes it to a whole new level! While those using the fundraiser still get professionally designed full color brochures to hand out, they also have the ability to get online sales. Most people are online and use social media. People trust making online purchases and online sales make it easier to reach more people and give them the ability to place their own order for the products that they want.

Plus, when a school has an invoice for at least $3,000 for a Java Joe’s coffee fundraiser, they make it easier for the administrator, too. When your group sells this amount or more, Java Joe’s ships all of your school’s orders pre-sorted with the name of the student on the box. This makes it simple for to distribute the orders to the students, so they can give them to their customers. Administrators love this, because it saves a lot of time and avoids confusion.

Opting for a fundraiser like Java Joe’s Coffee Fundraising will give you the ability to maximize your efforts and make the most money. You will have beautiful full color brochures and you will be able to sell online. By selling online your school will have its own page where people can purchase products with their credit card, and you can share the link on social media to increase traffic within minutes.

Java Joe’s Coffee Fundraising is always looking to make fundraising easier, less work, and more lucrative for schools and other groups. That’s why they remain a leader in the school fundraising industry!