All year long there are fundraisers that are needed. Whether you are running a preschool, church group, or a youth group, funds need to be raised. But not all fundraisers will work throughout the year, and especially when we enter winter. The colder winter months mean it’s time to find a fundraising idea that will appeal to people and help heat things up!

Coffee fundraisers make an ideal option. Why? There are numerous reasons, but for starters it is one of the most popular drinks in the world. People love to drink coffee! When it comes down to it, most people want to help your organization raise funds. They really do, but you have to offer them something they will also want to have. With a coffee fundraiser you simply can’t go wrong!

With winter just around the corner, here are a few tips for heating up your winter fundraisers:

  • Have a plan. Think about how you want to go about organizing your fundraiser and who your target market it is. The more you have thought about it ahead of time, and have your game plan together, the more successful you are likely to be with your fundraiser.
  • Think gifts. Winter time means that we also have the holiday season here. Coffee makes for great gifts, and it’s a great idea to suggest to people. Those who don’t know what to get their co-worker, hairdresser, or others, can always get them some gourmet coffee, and help with your fundraising mission at the same time.
  • Hit up offices. Don’t think of just individual people for getting sales from your fundraising idea. Think about who you know working in offices. Most offices have a break room and have coffee brewing. Work on getting them to support your group or organization by buying from the coffee fundraiser for their break room.
  • Brew some up. There’s a reason why free samples sit out in stores. They sell products! Brew up some gourmet coffee from your coffee fundraiser so people can give it a try and taste for themselves how good it is. That will sell the coffee all on its own.

During the winter months you can offer people a warm option when you go with a coffee fundraiser. Attend a winter carnival or event, set up a table, and offer some fresh brewed coffee. Have some there to sell, so that people can taste and buy. As the weather gets cooler it’s the perfect time for a warmer fundraiser for your school, group, or church!