Why Coffee Is Better Than Tea

Tea and coffee play a crucial role, they are part of the cultural and social fabric of our society. From sharing a cup of tea every night with your family to a date for a blind coffee, it is known that your favorite drinks provide comfort, well-being and much-needed energy boost.


Coffee has more flavors and possibilities

If you’ve ever been to Starbucks, you know that coffee is available in a variety of assortments; the possibilities can feel endless. Tea lovers claim that tea also has several flavors, but do you find as many tea options and varieties as coffee? The answer is no! From espresso to latte to macchiato, you can find dozens of options in every store – be it a local cafe or an international chain.


Latte Art is an exclusive coffee

A cup of tea can be incredibly boring because it always looks the same. How many times have you seen aesthetic shots of a cup of tea in your Instagram stream? We can bet that there is very little answer. Now think about how many times people have placed their pumpkin spice latte or heart-shaped latte art in their stories and records. Truth be told – why coffee is better than tea!

Coffee is widely available

You can count on any cafe near you to serve a good cup of coffee, but can you say the same about tea? Not every restaurant or canteen serves tea except for breakfast. Coffee is available everywhere and at all times.


Coffee makes your workout more productive

If you grab a cup of coffee on the way to the gym, you will burn more calories than those who had tea. There are several benefits to drinking coffee before a workout. This not only improves circulation, but also reduces muscle pain that can occur after a heavy routine.

Stained teeth are more likely to come from tea

Researchers have determined that tea is more likely to cause your tooth stains than coffee. So if you want to keep your bright smile, it’s time to change the team.

Coffee is also associated with a healthier and longer life, so it’s time to invest in fine Arabic beans and say goodbye to tea. Order quality cocoa online today!

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