Due to the recent deplorable health conditions and rising obesity in the country, American youth has become healthier than their predecessors. However, this does not mean that the average adult American is ready to give up coffee. Because 83% say they can’t live without caffeine every day! So we decided to come up with solutions where Americans can still enjoy everyday espresso shots while maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Start with milk

Using almond or soy milk instead of cow’s milk is a healthier option because coffee already often contains elements of inflammation; Almond milk can help reduce mucus inflammation in your body. You can simply add any unsweetened milk and add the same rich creaminess to the drink without added sugar!

If you are a health-conscious freak, sugar is your enemy. However, to dilute the bitter coffee bark, you need a sweetener, and since sugar is not a healthy lifestyle option; You will have to run your spice cabinet! Properly, a natural flavor such as cocoa, vanilla or cinnamon can add the perfect sweet and spicy blend to your baking and is still good for your health. In fact, cinnamon is a gift from God to mankind because it has so many health benefits that it should still appear on the daily diet table, whether you add it to coffee or not!


The reason you feel anxious after taking your morning caffeine is that you are not allowing your body to digest the load at a slow pace. Not only does this leave your body with an excessive amount of caffeine, but it also prevents you from enjoying its creamy benefits! So wait a moment, set a leisurely pace and let it wake you up to the wood! Coffee itself, even in the morning, can harm your stomach and expand your health. When combined with a healthy snack, caffeine exposure will be controlled and will not cause high blood sugar.


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