That cup of freshly brewed coffee is what keeps most of us going every day. However, other than keeping us recharged, it offers numerous other health benefits. But, that’s not it! Even coffee leftovers can be turned into something useful. There are some clever companies who have clashed in on this idea already and you can as well; since our coffee consumption is an all-time high and we have plenty of it to use. Here is a list of ideas that have been used to recycle coffee grounds and give them a new life.  Go through it and perhaps you’ll find something you’d like to do as well.


  • ·         Art – Leftover coffee grounds can be used as an alternative option for paint. This will not only help you save on the cost but also serve as a hack for the artists out there who like to experiment with their paintings.
  • ·         Clothing – The leftover coffee grounds can also be used to make yarn, which can then be converted into fabrics with deodorizing properties. These fabrics will even resist UV rays and work surprisingly for athletes.
  • ·         Environment – Coffee remains can also be used to capture carbon from the environment and decrease a great degree of greenhouse gases from the atmosphere.  This is achieved by steeping the remains in a solution of potassium hydroxide and heating then mixture, stirring it and then drying it. It is heated to very high temperatures to attain its carbon-bonding properties.
  • ·         Mushrooms – You could grow mushrooms and start a farm in less than two minutes by using coffee grounds as a base for your fungus. It takes a couple of weeks for the batch to grow and the same grounds can be used multiple times for various batches of mushrooms.


Given the whole lot of benefits coffee brings, it makes sense to indulge in a fresh cup every now and then. Order premium quality coffee from our coffee fundraising company and get started! Raise funds with Java Joes  coffee fundraiser. We’ll offer coffee to you at a discounted rate.

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