Coffee is certainly   one of the high quality promoting merchandise   on the planet. Coffee fundraising is simple and usually requires no money upfront to get started. Your group uses   order forms or brochures showing the wide variety of gourmet flavours for your customers to choose between.  Using the brochure   , your organization shows them to potential customers   , takes orders and collects payment upfront. When you accept   payment in the form of a check you need to make sure the checks are made out   to your group   , not the coffee fundraising company. Typical coffee fundraisers last for two weeks. At that time you collect all the order form from your participants and tally up the total   for each flavour.  Some agencies   opt   to purchase the coffee from the coffee fundraiser company in advance and have it on hand to sell.  Many more people will purchase coffee on the spur of the instant   if you could   hand them a bag of coffee right then.  The benefits of coffee fundraising are obvious.  The market is just extraordinary large. Just about each   American family has at least one coffee drinking member.

If you are looking for a fundraiser that’s easy to sell  , look no further than Java Joes coffee fundraising.  This high profit fundraiser is a top seller for schools , churches , youth groups and sports teams who are looking for unique and creative ways to raise money for their organizations.  With this quick   fundraising idea your group is sure to have a successful fundraiser with no-chance and no money up front needed. With the Java Joes coffee fundraising your group can request  FREE ORDER – Taker forms to begin their fundraiser.


We accomplish   best fundraising ideas for your school   , non-profit  , church , sports team , groups and PTA’s need.

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