Coffee and Specialty Beverages Blends

All of our coffee is 100% specialty grade arabicas, packaged in a large, 10 oz. foil heat-sealed bag with your group’s logo on it. We freshly roast to your order, exclusively for your organization.


Java Joe’s Blend – A medium bodied coffee blended from the best Central and South American coffees roasted between Full City and Vienna.

French Roast – An excellent coffee for those who prefer a smooth, balanced, dark brew.

Breakfast Blend – Central and South American coffees lightly roasted together to form a blend that is light, bright, and packs a kick. Wake up to our Breakfast Blend and savor your first cup of the day.


(Select flavors available in decaf)

Butterscotch Toffee – A butterscotch caramel creme flavor lightly spiced with a hint of rum.

French Vanilla – You’ll love the incredible aroma and rich smooth vanilla flavor.

Hazelnut Creme – Flavored with creamy hazelnut for a wonderful treat without the calories.

Rainforest Caramel Crunch – Creamy caramel with a touch of almond.

Snickerdoodle – Remember Grandma’s cookies? This is our medium roasted coffee infused with cinnamon and rich hazelnut.

Southern Pecan – We’ve captured the characteristic buttery down home taste of Georgia pecans in our coffee.


Mocha Frappe – Richness of estate-grown 100% Arabica coffee and premium chocolate scrumptiously blended frozen or served hot. Add caramel and whipped cream – Wow!

Caramel Latte Frappe – Add ice to create a creamy buttery sweet drink. Add a splash of whip cream! Caramel lovers, enjoy!

Premium Hot Cocoa – Chocolate lovers rejoice at the exceptionally rich and creamy experience that our premium hot cocoa delivers.

Vanilla Chai – A low-fat creamy vanilla spiced tea mix blending Madagascar vanilla, cardamom, clove, ginger, wildower honey and estate-grown Darjeeling black tea.

Smoothies – Choose strawberries or any fruit you wish. Our exotic vanilla mix makes the perfect non-fat base. Add ice, milk, and blend. Yummy!

Single-Serve K-Pods – Available in our two famous coffee blends and teas! Coffee K-Podsavailable for all machines including 2.0 (not Vue). Tea K- Cups available for most machines (not 2.0, not Vue).