Earn Even More Profits with Java Joes Fundraising! Online Fundraising Option

  • With our full-color glossy sales brochures you run your traditional fundraiser and earn $5.00-$6.00 per unit.
  • Don’t want to worry about picking up your order? Go to shop.javajoesfundraising.com and we will ship to you direct. (shipping fees may apply).
  • Your group earns $3.00 per unit on all orders placed online, and products are shipped directly to the customer’s home.
  • Reach friends and Family across the Country by sharing shop.javajoesfundraising.com on social media to help increase sales!!

The Fundraiser That Keeps Giving!

  • Looking to raise profits after your fundraiser has ended? Tell your supporters, all reorders placed on shop.javajoesfundraising.com will continue to generate $3.00/item for your group.
  • Profit checks are mailed monthly


Contact 877-341-2332 or visit www.javajoesfundraiser.com

To see an example of how the online option works go to shop.javajoesfundraising.com
email [email protected]
877 341 2332 ext 3