How It Works

Main attributes to our program:

  • NO refrigeration required
  • NO minimums
  • NO upfront costs
  • Free shipping in the US with $1000 orders (invoice value).
  • Online order entry system
  • Brochures emailed within 48hours. Or Free full color, glossy order forms sent within 5-7 business days
  • Online Fundraiser option. Reach friends and family all over the US. With

We have combined 3 decadent gourmet fudge flavors (dark chocolate fudge, cookies and cream fudge and chocolate peanut butter fudge),  with 3 non-frozen baking mixes (Triple Chocolate Chip Cookie, Auntie Annes Pretzel Kits and Grandma’s Homestyle Brownies).

Our fudge is a generous 8oz package that you sell in the US for $15.95, your profit is $5.00 per unit (Sells for $19.95 in Alaska, Hawaii and Canada your profit is $5.00 per unit).

Our Baking Mixes are 2 lbs of quality wholesome ingredients that you sell in the US for $18.95 and profit $6.00 per unit. (Sells for $24.95 95 in Alaska, Hawaii and Canada your profit is $6.00 per unit).

Java Joe’s old-fashioned gourmet fudge is smooth, creamy and decadent. Our fudge is made with fresh butter, cream and the finest ingredients. Made fresh, this treat comes nicely packaged.

Java Joe’s dough mixes are simple to prepare – just add eggs and butter, for a made-from-scratch taste. The prepared dough can be refrigerated or frozen and baked as needed. Cookie and brownie mixes have alternative lower fat preparation instructions to give you a healthy choice. Best of all our cookie dough is easy to handle and distribute as NO REFRIGERATION is required before mixing.

We can supply the glossy order forms that you will need to get started or send you .pdf versions for quick start and mass email and easy sharing.

Another exciting enhancement to our fundraising program is the ability to place your order online. As the organizer, you will be able to input your order total and then with the push of a button, the order is submitted to our system. This process will simplify the submission process for you. We will walk you through this part of the process so that you are comfortable with the order entry system

Once we receive your order and payment, your entire order will ship within three weeks.